In the human body, the adenoid is located in the back of the nasal cavity and in the nasal cavity located in the upper part of the throat.

In the human body, the adenoid is located in the back of the nasal cavity and in the nasal cavity located in the upper part of the throat. The role of the adenoid, a lymphoid tissue, in our body has an important place in the body's defense system, like the tonsils in the immune system. Due to our congenital nature, all people have adenoids, but its size may vary from person to person.

Adenoid problem mostly corresponds to the pre-school period of children. In other words, the children of families who apply to the hospital for Izmir Nasal Eti Surgery are usually 4-5 years old. Adenoid growth slows down towards puberty and its volume begins to decline gradually. Usually, the doctor can easily understand the adenoid discomfort even by examining it. However, in some cases, it is possible to benefit from methods such as imaging. After the examination, your doctor can tell you more clearly. If the adenoid, whose size is determined by the endoscopy method, is larger than normal, an operation is offered to remove the meat. Problems such as adenoids often start with the patient's complaints. Adenoid problem is noticed by sleeping with mouth open at night, snoring and breathing problems. Patients with adenoidal disease usually have a flattened and sunken nose, the middle parts of the face are longer, the chin is small and inwardly compressed. They have a squirrel-like face shape. Patients with adenoids have more dental problems than other people.

Adenoid Surgery

For the reasons listed, patients prefer surgery. However, there is also a risk situation for people who will undergo surgery. Especially in these cases, the people who need to be careful should be family members. Because, in general terms, Izmir Nasal Eti Surgery is the first operation that requires anesthesia for children. During the adenoid surgery, the patient does not feel any pain or ache as he is under the effect of anesthesia. In addition, permanent damage or scars such as stitch scars are not in question after the surgery. Nasal surgery is performed by using intraoral or nasal endoscopy method. Since the amount of bleeding is very small, it does not pose any risk. The operation is completed in a very short time, such as 15-20 minutes. The patient is left home on the same day after the surgery, and food and fluid intake is considered appropriate 3-4 hours later. In order to ensure that the patient regains health, a 3-4 day observation period is determined. However, shortly after the surgery is recommended, the person with the disease should undergo surgery. Because it will not be possible to repair permanent damage in the future.