With age, the cells that enable us to hear and/or the auditory nerve and/or brain cells in the inner ear begin to be damaged.

With age, the cells that enable us to hear and/or the auditory nerve and/or brain cells in the inner ear begin to be damaged.Age-related hearing loss   is one of the problems experienced by many people. However, its incidence increases with increasing age. In response to this problem, patients' receiving hearing support is one of the solution methods. The main reason for hearing loss is the deformation of the nerves in the inner ear over time. However, it manifests itself as hearing loss. You can observe the symptoms of hearing loss in your daily life. If you are experiencing this problem, you should consult a specialist doctor.


What is Age-Related Hearing Loss?

Generally, the main complaint in our patients in whom the destruction has started is hearing loss, which progresses slowly with age and starts in both ears. In addition to hearing loss, tinnitus and some balance disorders are also seen over time. It can lead to social isolation and depression in people with presbycusis, and their quality of life decreases. However, hearing loss occurs. This is called Presbycusis and is often confused with calcification.

When to Go to the Doctor?

Hearing loss manifests itself in many people depending on age. But it is among the diseases that should not be neglected. Otherwise, the result of progressive hearing loss may be encountered.

  • Difficulty hearing sounds while speaking
  • Difficulty understanding people
  • Have the other person repeat their sentences frequently during the conversation.
  • Don't get the feeling that people are whispering during a conversation
  • Decreased sense of hearing
  • Don't get tired trying to hear

How Is Age-Related Hearing Loss Treated?

If hearing loss is high, a hearing aid should be used. Presbycusis, age-related hearing loss, is not a treatable condition. The aim of treatment is to increase the hearing level of the patients and to increase the quality of life compared to the past, and hearing aids are used. It is known that the hearing of patients using hearing aids is much better than before. In addition, there are many advantages of using hearing aids. First of all, you can notice dangerous conditions more easily as your hearing level increases. Elderly people should be especially careful when crossing the road. If you are younger in age, your quality of life will increase more. Now it will be much easier for you to spend time in a social way.