Carbon Dioxide Laser Application

While carbon dioxide laser application removes  acne and black spots on the face, wrinkles and lines due to aging, colorless moles and warts, it also ends the appearance of dull and lifeless skin structure. After the carbon dioxide laser  application, there is no scar or staining on the skin.

Among the medical skin care  methods, it is extremely effective and provides results in the shortest time.

What is Carbon Dioxide Laser?

The carbon dioxide laser process applied to reduce skin scars, remove pits and have a taut skin structure   restructures the skin, and your new skin will have a tighter, brighter and smoother appearance.

With powerful and effective laser beams,  CO2 lasers  affect the lower layers of the skin in a shorter time with long wavelengths and affect the skin with rays that are thinner than the thickness of the hair. However, laser beams are not sent to the entire skin tissue, neighboring skin tissues remain intact and thus a chain healing is achieved. The crusting time is less and the skin becomes smooth in a short time.

Fractional Carbon Dioxide Laser İzmir

Wound ,  surgery ,  razor ,  acne scars ; sagging and wrinkles ; shrinking pores and  repairing skin cracks ; The fractional carbon dioxide laser process  applied for  spot treatments  may take one or four sessions. The sessions, which are determined according to the skin structure and shape of the people, provide an effect in a short time.

Fractional CO2 laser  application is a very effective and powerful procedure, so there are points that patients should pay attention to before and after the procedure, and drug use should be limited.

Before the CK Clinic fractional laser application,  local anesthesia is applied and the patients do not feel pain. Laser treatment is a painless, comfortable and convenient process. Applying the necessary creams after the procedure accelerates the healing process. If crusting occurs, it takes a few days and renewed skin tissue comes from the bottom, so the collagen fibers are tightened and the skin is repaired.