Chin Filling

It is one of the most preferred methods by people who are not satisfied with the appearance of their jaws and do not want surgery. Jaw filling is an aesthetic procedure that does not require surgery. This process aims to give the face a proportional appearance and to maximize its satisfaction.

Non-Surgical Chin Aesthetic Filling Application

For non-surgical  chin aesthetics  , fine-tipped injectors are used as with other facial fillers . The operation is performed in the hollow area of ​​​​the chin. Or, an adequate dose is applied where it is desired to be more specific. For this,  dermal fillers  are used.

There are various contents in  the fillers used . The most important of these  are hyaluronic acid  and bovine collagen. Fat injection is also done for filling. For this, the fat from the person's body is injected into the chin area. There are other filling materials as well. However, the preferred products should be safe and certified.

Local anesthesia can be used during the application if necessary. However, anesthesia is not normally required. After the filling structure is left to the skin by injection, the process ends. The required time is approximately 15 minutes. After this procedure, the effects will be seen within 1 week. A more characteristic chin can be obtained.

“Non-surgical  chin filling  is extremely comfortable and gives successful results.”

When is it preferred?

  • The condition of some people's chins does not correspond to facial asymmetry. In this case, the face ratio can be filled into the chin.
  • The filling process is suitable for people with gaps in their jaws.
  • It is applied when the line of the jawline is unclear.
  • It is applied when there is sagging under the chin.
  • It is preferred in case of volume deficiencies.

Jaw Tip Filling

Those who want chin filling  can also get information about chin surgeries. The filling method is a temporary and timed method. It can be preferred surgically for a permanent method. In this context, two different paths can be followed. First, you can get a temporary  chin filler  . If you like the look of your chin and want to make it permanent, you can consider the option of surgery. Or you can try to repeat the finished fillings. As a result of the studies, 50% of the patients repeat the completed fillings, while the other 50% prefer the surgical appearance to have the same appearance permanently.

Advantages of Jaw Tip Filling

Jaw tip filling  is more advantageous than the surgical option.

  • The first advantage is that it is painless. Pain during the procedure is eliminated with numbing creams.
  • Since it does not require surgery, there is no fear of surgery.
  • After the procedure, people can return to their work and social life without any break. There is no rest period for this. The filling process does not restrict social life.
  • Although minor rashes may occur, it is possible to minimize this with creams and cold applications.
  • With the filling method, you gain a new look to your chin. If you are satisfied with the application or you like your new form, you have a chance to repeat the process.