Jaw surgery can be performed for both functional and aesthetic reasons.

Jaw surgery can be performed for both functional and aesthetic reasons. Normally, mouth closure should occur by covering the lower teeth with the upper teeth. However, some people may have a mouth closing disorder due to the lower and/or upper jaw being forward or backward. In fact, both jaws may have shifted to the right or left relative to the midline separately. These conditions, which are often accompanied by functional problems such as biting or joint, can be treated with surgeries called orthognathic surgery. They can also be called profile aesthetics, as their greatest impact will be on the profile image.


In jaw tip aesthetics, mouth and tooth closure may be normal in some people, but the lower jaw tip may be anterior or posterior. In this case, it is possible to take the chin tip to the correct position with surgery. As an alternative to advancement surgeries performed in cases where it is behind, the chin can be enlarged with a chin implant (for example, a porous polyethylene implant). Chin tip augmentation can also be done with hyaluronic acid fillers without surgery. Again, with these fillings, the chin can be contoured. However, the permanence of this treatment is as long as the melting time of the filling.