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ENT Diseases

ENT Diseases and treatment

Op.Dr.Cem Karas (izmir ent specialist) performs ear nose throat diseases, treatments and surgical applications at CK clinic in Mavişehir,İzmir

Ear,nose and throat diseases and disorders are treated with medication or surgical methods,depending on the type.For information and appointment please call our clinic by phone.

  • Ear diseases treantments and surgery.
  • Nose diseases treantments and surgery.
  • Throat diseases treantment and surgery.

ENT Diseases

ENT diseases can couse serious discomfort if not taken timely measures.You can find useful information about ENT diseases or treatment methods on our relevant pages.

** Ear diseases treantments and surgery:

  •              Sudden hearing loss
  •              Age related hearing loss
  •              Middle ear infection
  •              Outer ear infection
  •               Ear wax
  •               Meniere
  •               Otosclerosis
  •               Vertigo
  •               Facial paralysis


**Nose diseases treatments and surgery

  •               Allergic rhinits
  •               Nose bleeding
  •               Nasal bone curvature
  •               Nose fracture
  •               Nasal polyp
  •               Cold and flu
  •               Sinusitis


**Throat diseases treatments and surgery

  •              Sole fish
  •              Angina
  •              Adenoids and tonsils
  •             Snoring and sleep apnea
  •             Reflux
  •            Thyroid
  •            Vocal cord diseases


Ear,nose and throat diseases should be emphasized.Because, if the discomforst that may occur are not intervered in a timely manner, greater negative consequences may be encountered. When it comes to ENT diseases nearly diagnosis and diagnosis are of great impertance.Before the intervention to be performed, many techniques are performed by the specialist doctor.Correct diagnosis is made according to the technical results.

This process in the first stage of treantment.Then the treantment process is started.It is neccesary not to interrupt the treatment process in ENT diseases.

The medicines given by the specialist should be used reqularly.If a surgical operation has been performed the doctor’s instructions must be followed.In cases of inflammation and infection, the patient should be careful.

It the treatment process applied by the specialist doctor is disrupted,it will take time for the disease to completely disappear.Even the disease may progress and change phase.Observe all signs that occur outside the normal course to avoid irneversible consequences.If you feel an abnormal situation in your daily life,consult your specialist doctor immediately.

ENT diseases are diseases that can seriously reduce the quality of life of the patient.Therefore, it should not be late to intervene.