Facial Aesthetics

Op.Dr. Cem Karas Prof. at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. Dr. He worked on Aesthetic Nose Surgery under the management of Gilbert TRENITE. He has worked on facial beautification and rejuvenation at the American Academy of Facial Plastic Surgery in SanDiego and Hollywood in the USA.

He took part in the establishment of Turkey's first and Europe's largest ENT hospital EKOL ENT HOSPITAL in 2006, and as the founding chief physician of the hospital for 11 years, he performed nearly 25000 ENT surgeries, mostly in rhinology.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery, or in other words, facial aesthetic surgery is a surgical procedure to correct the deformity of our face.

In facial aesthetic applications, the purpose of the surgery is to perform a natural and non-operational aesthetic operation suitable for the profile of the face.

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

As a result of facial aesthetic surgeries, people look younger. In addition, a healthier skin structure is achieved. Wrinkles that appear as signs of aging are targeted in aesthetic surgeries. Of course, this may also vary depending on the facial aesthetics performed.