The main cause of pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx.

The main cause of pharyngitis is inflammation of the pharynx. Although it is not contagious, the treatment of pharyngitis should not be neglected. Because as a result of the progression of the disease, chronic bronchitis may develop. The disease has many causes. These include viral causes. Other causes may include fungal infection or bacterial growths. In addition, untreated dental ailments, caries, etc. conditions can also cause illness. There are some points that people with pharyngitis should pay attention to. These people should definitely stay away from smoking. It should not be in dusty environments. Care should be taken not to develop hot or cold sensitivity while consuming beverages. During the treatment of pharyngitis, it is essential to clean the throat and brush the teeth regularly.

What is Pharyngitis?

There are two types of pharyngitis. Acute pharyngitis, also known as throat inflammation, is an infectious disease that is common especially in winter.

Chronic pharyngitis, on the other hand, occurs as a result of irritation of the throat mucosa (tissue), which is difficult to treat. In addition, the disease can recur for life under appropriate conditions.

Acute pharyngitis should not be confused with chronic pharyngitis. For Acute Pharyngitis, known as throat inflammation, the symptoms are concentrated in the throat area. As a result of the feeling of pain or burning in the throat, a dry throat can be experienced. The throat area may become red. Other symptoms include hoarseness and fever. As soon as these symptoms are noticed, the treatment process should be started. In this way, the formation of chronic bronchitis can be prevented.

Chronic pharyngitis pain intensity is less than others. It would not be correct to say that the pain is completely absent. However, the intensity of pain in the throat is still in a way that disturbs the patient. This type has more swallowing difficulties. No redness occurs in the throat area.

In both types, initiation of medical treatment is very important. It is recommended that patients increase their water consumption. If there is a heater, you can put a bowl of water on the heater to moisten the room. If you want to apply alternative medicine methods for the treatment of pharyngitis, you should definitely consult your doctor.

Chronic Pharyngitis Treatment

Chronic pharyngitis is often incurable. However, the effect can be kept to a minimum with the precautions that can be taken and conscious nutrition. Pharyngitis is treated by applying medical and supportive treatment together.