Filling Applications

Filling applications are two of the most preferred cosmetic applications in the world. But they are often confused with each other. Filler is a medicine obtained from a bacterium called Clostridium filler. Filling is done for the wrinkles that occur when we contract a muscle. It relaxes the muscles and prevents wrinkles. Its effect starts in 3 days and settles in 10 days. Its effect lasts for 4 to 6 months on average.  İzmir Filling applications  and the areas where other applications are most commonly used are: frown lines, forehead lines and eye wrinkles.

Filling Applications in Facial Aesthetics

The facial area is the area where our facial expressions are and where we create the first impression in people at first glance. For this reason,  filling and filling applications in the face area  are often preferred. People want to have a face that looks younger and fuller, compatible with their age, and also makes them look younger. It is a great advantage that these applications have a short duration and do not experience the feeling of pain. These procedures, which are among the cosmetic applications, do not change the facial expression of the person. It can be applied naturally to reveal one's own facial beauty. With the removal of wrinkles, a more vigorous and healthy face is achieved. In particular, hereditary bruises under the eyes have been the nightmare of many people. But  filling and filling applications Thanks to this, it is possible to get rid of these bruises. Another advantage of the applications is that patients can return to their daily lives immediately after they are made. The patient, who does not feel any discomfort, can easily go to work or home after the application.

Filling Applications Izmir

 The filler included in  İzmir Filling Applications is a gel consisting of hyaluronic acid . Wrinkles formed without any muscle contraction  are filled  . Padding fills the gaps by increasing the volume. 80% of the effect is seen immediately, 100% within 10 days. Although the effect varies according to the type, it lasts for 6-24 months on average. The most common areas of filling are:  Lip Filling , Lip filling, lip corner wrinkles, upper lip lines, lip  plumping ,  cheek filling , detention light filling for pits and bruises under detention   . Filling applicationWhile the prominent brands are Dysport, Dolgu and Xeomin, the top segment brands in filling application are Juvederm, Modelis, Amelian, Teosyan, Bioexpender, Restylane and Radiesse. Filling applications  are performed by Op.Dr.Cem Karas at CK Clinic in Izmir.