The medications that affect the temporary paralysis of the muscle's activity in the area you want to affect and apply are called filler effects.

What is Filling?

The medications that affect the temporary paralysis of the muscle's activity in the area you want to affect and apply are called filler effects. The toxin, which is produced by a kind of bacteria, is mostly used for the removal of facial wrinkles; Sweating, cervical dystonia, prevention of urinary incontinence as a result of overactive bladder and finally it is a method frequently used in the treatment of migraine.

How Does It Affect?

By stimulating the muscles with the effect of the drug in the area where the drug is given; It aims to give a stimulating blocking effect directly to the nerve cells. It is mostly used for the removal of wrinkles in mimic muscles.

Frowning lines on people's faces,

– Wrinkles at the edge of the eyes,

– Reducing horizontal forehead lines.

Other usage areas are;

– Treatment of excessive sweating under the armpit,

– Migraine Treatment,

– Cervical Dystonia,

– Bladder Problems,

– Lazy Eye,

– Muscle Contractures

How is the process applied?

After the first procedure, massage should not be done; After the second procedure, you can continue your daily activities. As a result of massage, the toxin can be distributed to different areas, so it is not recommended. Starting a few days after the first application of the effect; It is known to last between 3 and 6 months. For longer lasting effect; Continuity is always important.

Which Wrinkles in the Facial Area Are Effective in Reducing?

Wrinkles on the human face are generally divided into two. They are stable and dynamic. While the filler has little effect on the wrinkles that appear on the human forehead, between the eyebrows and around the eyes; It is used as a definitive solution for wrinkles in the lip area and neck area.

Will Results Get Worse If Practice Is Not Continued?

Since wrinkles will not increase from the moment the application is started, no bad results will occur after it is left.

When Does the Filling Effect End?

It will take effect between 4 and 6 months after the first application. In later periods; You can continue or terminate as you wish.

Are There Any Risks?

It is one of the most undesirable and most common situations that the mimic muscles on your face are completely fixed, the face becomes expressionless after a while and the eyebrows rise excessively. Basically, according to the results of the preliminary examination; It is possible to eliminate these conditions by administering drugs according to muscle strength and human face.

Is it possible to apply only between the eyebrows?

It is possible to apply the application to this area only for patients who have problems between the eyebrows. By directly affecting the eyebrows between the eyebrows, the problems will be eliminated.

Sweating Treatment with Fillers

One of the most used treatment methods for excessive sweating disorders is Filling. Sufficient amounts will be given to the areas where the curd is most intense, such as under the armpits, under the feet or on the palms. In this way, sweating will be stopped by stimulating and temporarily blocking the nerve endings that provide sweating in the treated area. After the procedure, you can feel the effect within 1 week.

How Long is the Effect of Armpit Sweating Treatment with Filler?

It is known that the Filler, which was accepted by the FDA in 2004, has an uneventful effect between 6 and 12 months after the armpit sweating procedure. According to the researches; After the procedure, there is a decrease in sweating.

Who Cannot Get Armpit Sweating Treatment?

In general, it is not recommended for women who are pregnant, women who are breastfeeding and muscle patients.

How to See Armpit Sweating?

When it is displayed that neither deodorant nor any lotion can prevent people from experiencing unusually high armpit sweating, it will be inconvenient. Some people have to change clothes several times a day as a result of constant wetness in clothes and sweating so often that their colors change and fade. It is also seen that it creates a serious problem both psychologically and socially.

Is there pain in armpit treatment with filling?

Although there is some pain under normal conditions, this pain will be minimized as a result of local anesthetic cream and cold application before the application.

Does It Have an Effect on Sweating in Different Regions?

Since Armpit Treatment with Filling will only affect the area where it is applied, there is no positive or negative effect on other areas.

How Long Does It Take Effect?

As a result of this treatment, which will differ from person to person and the reaction of the body, it continues to show its effect between 7 and 9 months.

Migraine Treatment with Fillers

The filler, which was understood to reduce the effect of migraine when it was first used as a cosmetic product in the 1990s, started to be used in migraine treatments approved by the FDA in 2010. It is especially used on those with chronic migraine.

How Does the Filling Work in the Treatment of Migraine Pain?

Although it is not known exactly how the mechanism of action works, it is known that it takes on the task of relaxing the muscles when used for cosmetic purposes. In the treatment of migraine; The mechanism of action is thought to be completely different. The application, together with the medicine given to the muscles located in the scalp, face and neck, aims to reduce the tension of the muscles and relieves the pain.

How Often Can Migraine Treatment Be Taken?

In general, it is recommended to apply a treatment process ranging from 3 to 5 sessions with a 12-week break.

Is There Pain in the Application?

Compared to other applications, the pain encountered in Migraine Treatment with Filler is seen to be less. However, it is appropriate to use painkillers for very sensitive patients.

Are There Any Risks of Side Effects?

It does not have any side effects in normal application. However, as a result of overdose use, the muscles may relax too much. When it is applied to the wrong place; application will not have any effect.

Can Medication Continue After Treatment?

Medicines have nothing to do with the treatment method. For this reason, there will be no problem in taking medication after filling treatment.