Lipofilling Application

It is used to remove hollows on the cheeks and cheekbones, to fill the chin and to thicken the lips. Fat cells are taken from the abdomen or hip region of the body. These cells are placed in the area where aesthetics is desired. No pain or pain is felt during this procedure, which is carried out with the help of special injectors. If there is a decrease in volume in the face area in question, the removed fat tissues are given here and the aesthetic operation is performed. There are many regions where this application is used.

Lip filling can be done thanks to the application of lipofilling  . This method is used especially for shapeless lips that are not suitable for facial symmetry. Apart from that, it can be easily applied on cheekbones, chin area, cheeks.

This process is extremely suitable for a beautiful-looking, healthy and natural body. For this reason  , Lipofilling is frequently preferred by patients. In this application, which is done without disturbing the person's own body and skin structure, no traces are left. Thanks to the oil application, it is given to the person's own fat tissue. This application should not be confused with ready-made filling. There are big differences between ready filling and oil filling. In the ready-made filling, the person's own fat tissue is not used. For this reason, there is a risk of an allergic reaction to the substance in aesthetic applications performed by giving the body with a ready-made filling. However, since the person's own fat tissue will be used directly in the fat filling, such a situation is not observed. On the contrary, the adipose tissue supplied to the body has a structure that is directly compatible with the body.

What is Lipofilling?

Lipofilling technique is the process of transferring the fat tissue taken from another part of the body to another body area for filling purposes. Some points should be considered in such aesthetic applications. Aesthetic application must be performed in a hygienic and quality clinic. The success of the application is directly proportional to the expertise of the doctor who will perform the aesthetics. The cell tissue from which the fat is removed will complete itself over time. Therefore, no trace remains.

Lipofilling Izmir

The aim in facial aesthetics is to perform a natural and non-surgical aesthetic operation suitable for the profile of the face. Op.Dr. Cem Karas  performs lipofilling  applications within the body of CK Clinic. For appointments and information, simply call by phone.