Pediatric ENT Diseases

Children are beings that their parents cherish and their families cherish so that their health does not deteriorate. However, especially in winter seasons, it is common for children to get sick from the ear, nose and throat tracts. 

ENT diseases are a very common problem in children, especially in winter seasons. Especially, the period of starting kindergarten and kindergarten is the time when otolaryngological diseases increase the most. If these diseases are not treated, they become chronic and adversely affect the physiological development of children.

What are Pediatric ENT Diseases?

Children's ENT area; It treats diseases such as sinusitis, head and neck tumors, otitis media, adenoid and tonsil problems, respiratory tract problems, colds in children. There are different treatment methods for these diseases. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a specialist doctor, not ignoring even diseases such as flu or cold. So much so that antibiotics and drugs used unconsciously affect the development of children negatively; It can cause some problems in adulthood.

Today, pediatric ENT diseases  are generally tonsil problems, eardrum problems, sinusitis and adenoid problems. For the treatment of these diseases, an ENT specialist must be consulted.

How Are Pediatric ENT Diseases Treated? 

Ear-nose-throat  triangle, in which children are most often sick  ; It is especially affected by colds and flu diseases. In the formation of any infection, the ear, nose and throat are affected together and their treatments are applied together. However, problems such as adenoid enlargement in the same area, fluid accumulation in the eardrum or damage to the eardrum, and the tonsils failing to fulfill their protective functions and producing infections themselves are also treated in the   pediatric ENT area.

As long as the diseases seen in the ear nose and throat region are not treated, they become chronic and may negatively affect the physiological development of children. For this reason, families' children; In addition to providing a living space at the right temperature, free from infections and viruses, it is recommended to feed it with foods that will strengthen its immunity. At the same time, a detailed diagnostic evaluation is definitely needed in cases of recurrent ear, nose and throat problems within 3 months.

How to Protect Children from ENT Diseases?

 Families have a duty to protect their children from infections caused by ear, nose and throat . Families need to be careful about providing an environment for children as much as possible from infection and viruses. For this, it is important to keep children at the right temperature and feed them with foods that strengthen the immune system. If ENT infections recur several times within 3 months,   the child needs to undergo a detailed diagnostic examination.