Stress is a common condition in patients with sudden hearing loss.


Stress is a common condition in patients with sudden hearing loss.  Along with sudden hearing loss,  the patient may also experience complaints such as tinnitus and dizziness. You may notice the symptoms of hearing loss in your daily life. Early diagnosis is important in this disease that manifests itself. As with any disease, early intervention is necessary in this disease. Otherwise, you may experience permanent hearing loss. In addition, one should be very careful during the treatment process.

What is Sudden Hearing Loss?

In less than three days, 30 db. The development of hearing loss or greater hearing loss is called “ sudden hearing loss ”. Sudden hearing loss  usually develops in only one ear. Although the cause is not known exactly, Viral and Vascular (vascular) causes are emphasized.

You may notice whether you have sudden hearing loss or not, even while talking on the phone. If you don't hear sounds as clearly as before, you may be experiencing sudden hearing loss. It is very difficult to explain the cause of this disease. Because it can occur due to many environmental or genetic factors. Even a pressure change you experience can manifest itself as sudden hearing loss afterwards. It is necessary for patients to observe themselves well about their symptoms. If dizziness is experienced, hearing loss is experienced in one or both ears, it is absolutely necessary to consult a specialist.

How Is Sudden Hearing Loss Treated?

The treatment of sudden hearing loss in İzmir  can be summarized as oral and in-ear supportive, treatments that increase blood flow, expand vessels, and Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. sudden hearing loss Diagnosis is one of the first stages of treatment. Hearing test is done to make the diagnosis. It is determined to what extent the patients do not hear, and the treatment process is started. There are many drugs involved in the treatment process. If there is a condition caused by the occlusion of the vessels, vasodilating drugs are recommended by the physician. However, Anti-Viral or Anti-Oxidant drugs are among the frequently used treatment drugs. If the treatment method for the diagnosis of the disease is not applied, hearing loss may continue to be experienced. In this case, patients often complain of humming, ringing or echoing sounds. Other symptoms include nausea and imbalance. If you are faced with such a situation, you should go through a specialist physician control without delay. After the necessary examinations, your doctor decides whether the treatment method should be inpatient or outpatient. The condition of the disease is effective in inpatient or outpatient treatment. But after early diagnosis with the right treatment method, Patients with sudden hearing loss  are definitely recovering.