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About me

After graduating from the Faculty of Medicine at Ege University in 1999, Op. Dr. Cem Karas specialized in Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Dokuz Eylul University between 2000-2004, where he conducted extensive research on Sleep Apnea and Snoring with a large number of patients and wrote his thesis on this topic under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ahmet Ömer İkiz.

In 2001, Op. Dr. Cem Karas began to focus intensively on Rhinology, which became his area of interest. He then served as a specialist at the Department of Otolaryngology at Dokuz Eylul University. During his military service at Gelibolu Military Hospital in 2005, he became even more involved in Rhinology and gained expertise in this area by performing and comparing around 700 operations, many of which are currently popular techniques.


Op.Dr. Cem KARAS

Facial Aesthetic Surgery

Our face is what allows us to be recognized and remembered in society. A beautiful face can be more memorable or unforgettable. Everyone wants to be beautiful, perhaps facial beauty is the most important of all. The shape of a person's face, the quality of their facial skin, and the relationship and proportion of other facial structures are all important in facial aesthetics. Therefore, when evaluating facial aesthetics, the entire face should be considered as a whole, and a balance should be struck between the person's expectations and aesthetic norms. The ideal is to achieve both beauty and naturalness. Non-Surgical Aesthetics and Aesthetic Surgery operations are the two main groups.

Nose Aesthetics (Rhinoplasty)

Rhinoplasty can change the bone, cartilage tissue, skin layer, or all three if deemed necessary. When planning for nose aesthetics, other features of the individual's face, the skin on the nose, and what the individual wants to change are taken into consideration. Personalized plans will be developed for candidates deemed suitable for nose surgery.


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There was no doctor or hospital left that I did not visit. The doctors sent him saying that he wears a hearing aid without even an examination. On the advice of my friend, I went to Cem Bey's polyclinic, he was very interested in me, he followed my treatment closely and solved my problem without the need to use a hearing aid, I highly recommend it to those who have ear problems. Thank you. .


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I was having difficulty breathing for years and at the same time I had a serious curvature on my nose, but I could not have surgery because of my fear of operation. My long research took me to Cem Hoca. If you have concerns and fears, go to the man who is competent for a painless and smooth operation. thank you sir sir????????????


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He is a very caring and successful doctor. His care is excellent with his team. I visited many doctors, but I gathered myself with the diagnosis of Cem brain. Many thanks to everyone who works and cares..


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He's a very professional doctor. I was very satisfied. I definitely recommend it.


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His doctor and humanity are both very good. A great doctor is very successful in all of them, be it his approach to patients or his diagnoses.


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Excellent person, excellent doctor, competent, everyone I recommend, very satisfied, smiling face, a separate motivation, we wish you continued success